Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lush BIG Shampoo: Review

Okay, so I've been a really bad blogger and left you hanging for over a month... Im sorry! To be honest I have no excuses apart from I have had no motivation to write/i've been sleeping an awful lot. So to help me get back into the swing of things, I have decided to do a short review on Lush's 'BIG' shampoo.

I love Lush and literally everything it sells. Anything that smells good and that will make my skin soft, I will buy. My mum brought me this shampoo and the conditioner to match for my birthday last September (so it lasts well) and for some reason, i've only just got round to trying it out.

The BIG shampoo contains all natural ingredients, including limes, lemons, oranges and seaweed. The ingredient that made me a little nervous however was salt. It includes large sea salt rocks to help preserve it and to also add volume to the hair. I was worried it would get left in my hair, or it would be greasy. But it was the complete opposite  I have never been more impressed with a shampoo, especially one that is totally organic. It created a rich lather in my hair and washed out so easily. Afterwards, my hair definitely had more volume and i've honestly never felt it so soft and 'clean' feeling.

Where as with other shampoos off the high street I sometimes feel like I havent washed it out properly, with this, and the conditioner both I didnt get that at all. My hair was left really light and bouncy and fresh. The only downside I could possibly find, if I HAD to find one, would be the cost. But I only needed to use a small amount, and my hair is pretty long. So im hoping it's going to last me a long time. And I know the conditioner will last forever.

 Highly recommend. WELL DONE LUSH.


  1. Great review! :)

    Kelly xo


  2. Lush is always good !
    Your blog is lovely !

  3. I've not heard much about this product so thanks for the lovely review! I love how most of Lush's products are multi-purpose, I always use my shower gels and massage bars as shampoo too! X


  4. great blog!

  5. Love seeing reviews on products I've not heard much about :)

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  6. Oooo I definitely need to try this out! Always looking for volume on my flat hair!

  7. Great post and review :) xxx