Friday, 1 March 2013

O.P.I Nail Envy: Review

I brought this about a month ago now and I've been using every time I re-do my nails. My nails before using this were very thin, flaky and would break off so much I was tempted to cut them down as short as they would go. Now, im not saying that this product has fixed all of these issues magically, but it has significantly improved them. My nails no longer break off as frequently and I can see the flakiness getting better each time, and as my nails grow out. The base of my nails (the part attached to your finger) has also become much stronger and smoother. I really do like this product and will continue to purchase it, however, if you are going to buy it, try and get it from amazon. I searched around for a cheaper price, as when I went into Boots its was nearly £20.00, which even if it was gods gift, I would never spend that much on my nails.  

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