Wednesday, 20 March 2013

OH, it’s your face; again

As a self-proclaimed ‘Selfie’ lover, I firmly believe that Selfies are good for the soul. Occasionally.

Selfies have rocketed lately, so much that they can now officially be called a trend in their own right. Originating from the gloomy days of Myspace, our good friend Instagram has taken over and made them so much more. They have become so popular, in fact, that this morning Twitter lavished my homepage with a range of wonderful Selfie shots of sloths. Now don’t get me wrong, I would much rather look at a cute sloth Selfie then a celebrity claiming to be ‘make up free’, but hasn’t it started to get a little out of hand? The Selfie has even begun to ruin classic art!

A Selfie, as described by the ever reliable Urban Dictionary, is when ‘someone of vain stature takes a picture of himself or herself to put on a social networking site.’ People don’t just use Selfies as a way of getting their good side noticed anymore, Selfies are anything from a picture of your eye to a full on naked body shot. And when clicking on the selfie hashtag I was exposed with thousands of awkward faces staring back at me. This not only made me cringe but made me think, ‘Good lord, is this what I look like too?’ 

There are so many different types of ‘Selfies’ now, such as the typical pretentious shot which mostly includes a paper cup from Starbucks. Or the ‘I look awful’ shot where they actually look pretty good (I know you only want compliments!) Along with accidental Selfies or ones that have effort written all over them, Selfies have taken over the Instagram app world, and shortly the rest of the world too.

Beauty, as they always say, is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes it does verge on the ridiculous. Why do you need to be posing with a wine bottle in your bedroom alone? And why do I need to know that you look ‘washed out’? I’m sorry if you’re ill, or if you’ve picked the wrong shade of foundation. In all honesty, no one is really going to care. 

Selfies are obviously just the latest way of getting attention; Kim Kardashian doesn’t really need four photos to show off her bangs (or her body, which is what its actually all about) but she does it anyway. If you want them cut, go and do it. Don’t ask us. There’s no arguing the fact that social networking sites have made the Selfie more acceptable, but you wouldn’t decorate your house with printed photos of yourself on every wall, would you? So why create digital albums full of photos of your face? Is it so one day we can look back and say, ‘Look how pretty I was with that filter?’ Or ‘Look how I’ve improved my pout?’  It really isn’t necessary.

However, if you’re feeling particularly down and you need a little pick me up, a Selfie could be the best thing for a quick fix confidence boost. A nice picture of yourself can be empowering, but be careful, confidence is a dangerous thing. Just let’s not make it too OTT, guys. People have to look at it.


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