Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Daily Want: Zara Sandals

I already have a pair similar to these, you know that pair that everyone went mental for? I got those. Unfortunately, im not really used to the tiny heel yet. So when I saw these I thought they would be the perfect in-between until Im brave enough to spend a whole night in the other ones. They effectively have the same design, but every things just a little bigger? So I wont be tottering around on a stick thin heel and the strap around the ankle is sturdy enough that I dont fall out... Also, they are only £30. I cant say no really.


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  2. Lovely, simple yet effective, I want these!!!

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    Shai xx

  3. I really like them ! (:

  4. Hi just found your blog! I really like these, might buy a pair for my leavers prom coming up in June :) great post!

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  5. Nice shoes! Need it for summer :)


  6. They are good and 100% worth the price!

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