Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Can Summer Come Early?

I have always been a winter person, I prefer the clothes, the excuse to stay in and be cosy and all the lovely festivities that go along with it. Although this year, summer couldn't come any sooner. I think its partly because im living in a very chilly uni house and so there is no way for me to escape the cold, unless I wrap myself up in a thousand layers and blankets and not forgetting my hot water bottle. (which has been the only thing to keep me defrosted)
I cant wait to be able to go outside with wet hair! The hair dryer is killing it and im just too lazy to keep it up. I want to be able to wear shorts and floaty things (obviously they will still be black). I cant wait to be able to eat ice cream without people giving me 'the look.' And I hopefully want to be able to go on holiday; maybe it'll give me some inspiration for writing? I know this is a bit of a general post, but dont worry ill put some 'summery' pictures below for you to look at too. My favourite thing about summer, and perhaps why I need a holiday, is so I can buy bikinis and actually use them! (I also love the smell of suncream that goes with them)
I have a bikini I brought late last year which is very 'Dior' and im itching to try it out. It's high waisted so it give you that great shape you get from high waisted stuff (if you understand?) but it might have to wait to be tested out when I already have a tan. I dont think I could handle those tan lines.
Here are a few things Im already planning on purchasing for summer....

American Apparel-£25

American Apparel top- £35

Saint James-£40ish on ebay? 


YSL- £120-170

Urban outfitters- £28

Topshop- £22 

So that is essentially my summer wardrobe... Only a few months to go! 

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