Thursday, 6 December 2012

BLEACH: Review

So I said id tell you what it was like to get my hair done at BLEACH as I thought it would be interesting to see what it was like compared to just having my mum do it. (who is a hairdresser before you panic)

I decided not to change anything too much, and not to go darker, as my hair grows way too quickly to keep up with the roots, and quite frankly im very lazy when it comes to anything 'beauty' related.
So i got them to lift the brassy tones of my dip dye and take it up higher as it had grown out a fair amount.

I do really like it, and the people were friendly, they made my shit dye (dip dye) a lot less harsh and blended it really well using shampoo and backcombing. They used nice products and my hair has been left crazy soft and not damaged at all. My hairdresser also gave me an amazing head massage! I do wish however they had been a bit more attentive, as they didn't offer me a drink or to hang my things up, so they were left on the floor in random places which I was slightly iffy about.

But on the whole I did really like it, all the girls there had amazing hair as well which added to the whole feel of the place.

I would like to go back again, maybe once I get my next loan through and im really into the whole peachy pink ends so id definitely try them out for when I want to get that done, just to see how good they are with colour.

Before and After pictures just for you guysss.



You cant notice a huge difference here as my webcam camera, lets face it, isn't great, but you can appreciate my green curtains.


  1. Looks beautiful, I really want ombre hair!

  2. I love the effect, looks great!

    Lana, xo

  3. pretty!

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  4. You're gorgeous. Beautiful hair xx