Sunday, 4 November 2012

Winter Must Haves.

Im writing this from my bed with one hand out of the covers in order to keep warm... So in keeping with the freezing weather, more so the freezing conditions of my student house, I thought it was about time to do a post on the best way to keep warm this winter. Although Colbolt is 'in' this season Im constantly drawn to black. Especially because its Zara's main colour and I've recently fallen in love with it.  And even though Vogue insists that the whole skirts and trousers combo is going to be a big hit, but apart from a few people at my university that have sported it for years, I dont think it'll catch on. So here are a few 'typically' wintery items I would definitely be purchasing if I didn't have rent and bills to pay. 

£35.99 Zara

£19.99 Zara
£60 Topshop

£91 Choies

£139 Zara

£65 Topshop 

£150 Topshop


  1. That burgundy zara scarf and the little boots are amazing. Great choices.
    Maddie xx

  2. Thank you! They are on the Christmas list! x