Tuesday, 20 November 2012


I promise I will post about fashion some time soon, but today I booked a hair appointment at BLEACH in London. Im horribly excited, mostly because my mothers a hairdresser and so im used to having my hair done at home.. so this will be a treat! Awkward if it goes wrong and I have to go crawling back to my mum though...
BLEACH is well known for being super creative with colour and they have set up two shops around London, one being in Dalston, the other in Topshop on Oxford street. Iv'e only ever been to the one in Topshop but it looks pretty cool. Their prices TO ME are quite expensive, but my friends who always pay for their hair to be done say it's not so bad, and their rep is unbelievably good. Once Iv'e had my hair done I will of course post a before and after photo and review the service. But for those that know they want to go here you should go and book now!! If the prices do scare you a bit, you can always follow them on twitter where they sometimes shout out for hair models to get treatments done for free, and occasionally they'll do 10 or 20% at their Dalston store!
Here are a few of their most recent looks...

All photos are either taken from their website or instagram account.

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