Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Time for a change.

This is only a short post and it's not really 'fashiony' but iv'e been debating wether to change my hair and for me this takes a lot to do. When I first dyed my hair I went red, I then cried about it for a few days until it grew on me. When I dip dyed it (that state it is now) I thought it looked to fake. Iv recently topped up the dip dye and its a tad more blended. However, the deep brown I keep seeing on people is very tempting. It's tempting to the point where iv'e started to stare at people who have that perfect colour. Iv had it a 'chocolate brown' before and I did like it. However the one im going for looks a bit more natural. Im also considering the big cut. My hairs always been super long and around midway down my back. People always say 'oo I bet you can do so much with your hair' the fact is, it is so long that it just lies flat to my head and all the curl in it drops. Its very sad looking. I would never go for a bob, as I would look like a small boy, but I do like that mid way length that is apparently 'in'. Anyway I have rambled for far too long, here are some pictures of the kind of colour/ cut I would go for. But do I dare?!

i know its blonde but shes lovely and its a nice cut... 


  1. do it! you could pull off anything!xo

  2. Mila Kunis is perfection; I love her easy, mid length hair style, totally my pick :)