Sunday, 2 September 2012

Wishlist Number 2

My wishlist this week is not as great as it could be, seeing as half the outfits I have in my head are made up. But these a few things I would buy if I wasn't saving for rent. 

1. Petite jumper by Topshop. £38. I know its just a plain jumper but what the picture doesn't show is that it has a zip all along the back which I really like. And its a key piece for winter. 
2. Underwear by Cos. £40 roughly. Iv been adding this to my shopping bag for the last two weeks, and although I spend more on underwear then anyone I know, I never spend this much on highstreet underwear. But I will have them! 
3. Loafers from Topshop.£50. Im not usually a fan of studded shoes, but these are subtle and look kinda smart. 
4. Michael Kors skirt from the Outnet. £131. I love this because its silk, midi, and has a thigh high split. 5. Co-ord from Topshop. £60 pounds each (blazer and trousers) I really love the whole co-ord thing going on, and I THINK I enjoy the pyjama trend, so this is a bit of both. I also really want to invest in a pair of patterned trousers, but as im so short they make me look frumpy. However the detail on these is very delicate so I think it would be a good alternative. 
6. Topshop dress.£58. This is my favourite piece. I tried it on a few seasons back and it fitted like a glove. In every way it was perfect, but when I went back to buy it, my size was gone... They have just brought it back in black (the one I tried was navy blue which I prefer) but the whole look of this dress was so nice I am going to have to get it in black.