Friday, 7 September 2012


Trends come back around all the time, and in all honesty I prayed that Military would never make a return. My reason for this being, that the first time round I sported an overly large military denim jacket with the worst gold buttons you can imagine. But it is back, and everyone seems to be loving it. It's easy enough to spot, kaki colours, tough materials and pockets everywhere. 
I cant wait to see what take on it LFW has, but from what the high street has managed to make out of it, its going to be pretty good. My favourite collection iv found so far is Topshop Uniques, they've taken basic pieces and just changed them around a bit, definitely have a look! However, from my last experience I dont think i'll be going back there... 

American Apparel £36

Nasty Gal £55

Urban Outfitters £85

Urban Outfitters £40

Topshop £65

Topshop Unique £80


  1. love the Nasty Gal utility jacket!


  2. The jumper from Urban Outfitters is my favourite! I love the colour and the shoulder pads are something I've not seen absolutely everywhere, which is a huge plus!
    Mia x

  3. Yeah I am tempted to get the jumper! But I have too many! X