Saturday, 15 September 2012

JW Anderson for Topshop

Not only did Fashion week kick off yesterday but it was also the launch of JW Andersons collection for Topshop. I havent really been a fan of celebrity collaborations as they are always over priced and quite boring. However this collection is awesome! It ties in with everything we are seeing on the catwalk at the moment and the prices are pretty reasonable. Although half of it has already sold out, I am hoping that they'll bring at least one of the iphone cases back. Turtles!
And seeing as recently my boyfriend lost a pair of my favourite shoes I am in need of a replacement. JW's loafers look insanely comfy and hard wearing, so they are definitely on the list. I also really want the cigarette pants, although they are navy blue, which I find extremely difficult to wear as half my wardrobe is already navy blue. Excuse for new tops...?


  1. I love the collection especially the camera and the stationary x

  2. Madly in love with this collection!!! I've ordered the Baroque style paisley top and the red loafers- can't wait to get them on Thursday!!! I also love the varisty jacket and the tartan top- but that sold out so quickly :( Great picks by the way!!!