Sunday, 16 September 2012

Going to court.

No, I am not actually going to court but recently iv been noticing court shoes more and more. This might not sound that bigger deal, but seeing as my usual shoe type would be big, clumpy and easy to walk in this is quite a turn.
My first 'delicate' shoe pick was from Zara, 'the basic sandle' that everyone went mad for. And since then i've been ignoring the clumpy and welcoming the femininity of a small, well put together court. They also seem to be the most popular type of shoe at the moment as they go with the whole two piece, womanly, soft kinda feeling thats been replacing the grungy look. And seeing as im aiming to be less of a slob this is definitely a good thing! I've noticed that zara seems to be the best shop for things lady like and delicate as this fits with their overall style, their prices are pretty reasonable too. Obviously though if I had as much money as I could wish for I would choose a classic black Louboutin, this surprisingly would be my only Louboutin purchase as I believe if you are to spend that much money on something you have to wear it A LOT.  
Here are a few of my favourites... I've tried to keep things cheap!

ALDO Sperow shoe £70
Topshop £50

Zara £39.99

KG £220

Zara £69.99

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