Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Costume Jewellery at Zara

I posted last week in my 'Daily want' a Zara necklace and since this, they've got a few more designs in. I really like the way you can wear these over the top, tacky necklaces and still have them look classy. I also find that they look best over something plane like a t shirt, which is perfect if you're feeling like a bit of a slob. I never wear necklaces, ever, the fact they are usually so delicate and tiny makes me think it'll break it or it'll choke me, but with these you are very aware they are there, so its not like you'll fall asleep in it! I just find them very pretty in a non feminin way? If that makes sense. They kinda remind me of african tribal jewellery, which goes with the A/W12 jewellery we saw at LFW last season. It was all very over the top and full of bright colours and big jewels which all (surprisingly) works very well. All the pictures below are from Zara.com and all the necklaces range from 26 to 18 pounds. 

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