Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Birthday Wish list.

Its my birthday a week today, and although I will never get all of this, here are a few things that I would  like! Obviously this isn't everything either, but it takes me so long to do these wishlists that I couldn't bare to crop anymore pictures. So if anyones willing to give me a gift, then heres an easy and expensive list for you.

1.Dior Lipstick, Blazing red-£25
2.Topshop dress-£80.00
3.JWAnderson for Topshop loafers-£59.99
4.Zara frock coat-£69.99
5. Topshop trousers-£38
6. Mulberry Effie Hobo bag-£525
7. courts-£35 (I think) 

These or anything from Lush would be pretty great. Happy Birthday! 

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