Saturday, 4 August 2012

BB Cream-Review

So I rarely spend money on make up as its one of those thing I dont use very often or like to use very often. However I needed new mascara and this was on offer and seeing as I prefer tinted moisturisers to foundation I thought id try it. At £6 its hardly going to break the bank. But I personally dont think it did a lot for my skin. It says it gives you a 'glow' although I think the 'glow' came from the moisturiser in it itself, so just made my face look a little shiny? It doesnt have a lot of coverage, but I wasnt expecting it to, although compared to my clarins one there is a huge difference. I am aware that t is not a tinted moisturiser, and that it is simply meant to blend and conceal my imperfections, but I just dont think it did a lot. Saying all of this I have continued to use it. Partly because I dont want to run out of my more expensive stuff. But it does keep my face moisturised throughout the day, making it feel soft. 

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