Wednesday, 11 July 2012

VO5 Hot Oil- Review

This is more of a beauty post, but I was so im pressed by this product that I had to write something on it. I originally saw this on LLYMLRS blog, and after her great review I thought id try it. I usually wont use anything on my hair because quite frankly I cant be bothered but since dip dying my hair, the condition although not bad isnt perfect. This hot oil is the new version of VO5s miracle concentrate. Which i never used but its meant to be more time consuming at fiddley. With this, you simply wet your hair and rub it on. At first I thought it wasnt working because it would lather up. But it is NOT a shampoo, so it isnt meant to do so. You also really do not need much. You leave it on for about a minute and rise out. Then continue to shampoo and condition your hair. You can tell as soon as you wash it off how great it is, and my hair immediately felt softer. And my ends (which really need a trim) look a lot better.  It says on the bottle to use it as much as you want but not to excess. So I think ill use it about twice a week. And at only £4.29 its hardly going to break the bank.

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