Monday, 2 July 2012

A Little Love For Bloggers

Apart from the secret fact that each blogger wants more followers then the other, or more press attention. When your lost for something to write about, looking over other blogs can give you some amazing inspiration to give your own a boost. I usually end up finding one blog I like and continue to look over it until iv read all their posts. But iv been branching out a bit. You can find loads of cool blogs related to what you are interested in by simply googling it. Of course you'll get the most famous and popular ones, but they are that for a reason. I tend to come across blogs like mine that are just starting out by stumbling upon them by mistake. So just take a look around.
Here are the links to some of my favourite blogs right now...

Vanessa Jackson- Her blog is primarily photography, but she does a lot on fashion and her pictures are beautiful.
Camille Over the Rainbow- Great general and fashion blog.
After Dark- Another fashion blog.
LlyMlrs- a lot of people know about this blog, but its still one of my go tos.

The best thing about all of these blogs is that they are english, so if there are any products that take your intrest they are easy to find.

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