Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sales: Come at Me.

So iv finally got into the whole blogging mindset. After about a month of nothing I think its about time, especially seeing as I have a shiny new Mac to make it so much easier.

The theme for this post is sales, as I am a student, who no one wants to hire for a few months it seems fitting. I dont usually go anywhere near sales as they are full to the brim of crazy women trying to get first dibs on all the good stuff. Not to mention that the mess sales manage to create in stores irritates the hell out of me. Though when I do fancy something cheap I tend to go straight to Urban outfitters as they have thee best reductions iv ever seen! However, this seasons sale at Topshop has been more then impressive. And iv managed to purchase a dress by Boutique that was £60 for just £18, and some amazing shoes (that I can not walk in) down from £65 to £27. I also tend to stick to sale shopping online as it reduces the chance of injury. But this does mean that everyone and anyone can get what you want first. SO I feel the best way to keep ahold of your products is to add them to your shopping bag before they go into the sale. This way when you check back (and if its as often as I do) you should notice straight away when it goes into the sale. Its worked for me, but dont hold me to it. I do check these things like everyday! Obviously sign up for updates too. Iv also been craving a holiday so iv signed my mother up for everything 'cheap holiday' related in the hope that shell give in. And although its not fashion related Voyageprive is a great site for REALLY nice holidays that are sometimes over 50% off. worth everyone having a look.
Here are a few of my favourite sale items at the moment...

Topshop Boutique £60 down to £18

Topshop London shoes £65 down to £27

Topshop trousers £30 down to £15

Urban Outfitters £28 down to £14

Urban Outfitters £189 down to £100

Urban Outfitters £38 down to £10

Urban Outfitters Throw £30 down to £15 (having this for my new house!)

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