Friday, 29 June 2012

Jewellery Box

Im not usually a jewellery person as I only like to wear bracelets on my right wrist, and I feel like necklaces are going to choke me or something. And the bracelets I do wear are all either string or leather which I dont have to take off. As I have a habit of taking them off and never putting them back on, which brings me to the inspiration for this blog post. Whilst rummaging around all of my junk I found my 13th birthday bracelet which my mum brought me whilst we were on holiday in Jamaica. Seeing as I thought I had left it in cornwall for about two years it was a nice find. But it also ade me think why I dont own more of this type of jewellery. And after coming to the conclusion that I would rather spend money on clothes that people actually look at, I thought I may as well have a look at some.  I did find one necklace from Topshop of which I intend to buy, ill post a picture below.

There seems to be a lot of 'spiritual' could I say? type dangly bits on necklaces and bracelets. And skulls seem to be holding their own as they are STILL around. I wasn't much of a fan of the whole feathers everywhere, really colourful stuff that Topshop seemed to have going on a while ago, nor the whole 'love, faith, peace' trend, of which pretty much everyone had a necklace of. So im sticking to simple designs.

However im slowly getting into rings, if I can find ones that fit that is and I really like the whole ear cuff thing. I first noticed them on a model whilst watching t.v and it seems since then they've taken over. I did buy one a while ago, but unfortunately I snapped it as is was too big for my ear so I attempted to  squeeze it together to make it smaller... Luckily since that, iv noticed a lot of the ear cuffs now in shops are actually adjustable. So bend away.

And lastly, seeing as every designer from Chanel to Ashish has taken inspiration from india and their nose cuffs which are undoubtedly beautiful. Its no surprise that these have turned up in the shops.
My favourite stores currently include Violet Vintage, Thomas Sabo, Love Hearts and Crosses are also quite cute. There is also 'Little Nell' which does amazing jewellery defiantly worth a look!  
Here are a few of my favourite...



My Jamaican birthday bracelet 
Violet Vintage-£50

Love hearts and crosses necklace-£14

Urban Outiftters-£8.50
Thomas Sabo-$134

Urban Outfitters-£14

Topshop ear cuff-£8.50

Topshop nose cuff-£8.50

Topshop-£8.50 (the necklace I want)

Urban Outiftters-£10

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