Wednesday, 27 June 2012


So I dont actually own a pair of dungarees but iv been wanting some for a really long time now. I kind of feel like i need a painting project to do so I can use them as overalls and be super comfy. Dungarees have never really been the 'it' thing to wear I guess, apart from when your around the age of two, or if you go back to the 90's. But they've never really been out either...
They have taken on the role of coveralls for artists and decorators, but what happened to just wearing them because they look kinda cool?
Some people (like a friend at uni) can get away with the whole long dungarees look, but I think ill stick to shorts, especially as its summer soon. I also dont really like to wear jeans all that much.
I cant help but praise Alexa Chung for bringing them back a few years ago, but in a dress style, giving the once simple design a whole new take (bit of an exaggeration but you know.) And since their great revival they've been taking slouchy to a whole new level.
They are however, pretty hard to find. (well the decent ones anyway) but Urban Outfitters seems to be your best bet. And Ebay is worth searching through as well.
Here are a few people wearing them, and a few id like to (but cant) buy...

Alexa Chung

Jameela Jamil 

Urban Outfitters-£48

Urban Outfitters 

ASOS marketplace- £35

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