Monday, 25 June 2012


I seem to have a slight obsession with backless dress's, not that I own loads, its hard to find a good one. You dont want it to look tacky. Or slutty, which most of them seem to be... Especially seeing as most of the ones out at the moment feature a skater skirt and are made from lace.
But I think theres something classic about a backless dress, it also allows you to show enough skin to be sexy without getting out all your wobbly bits. (unless you have a fat back, which I dont think many people do) A lot of backless dress's on the highstreet at the moment are bodycon, which isnt really my cup of tea. However, not many people can afford those made by Vivienne Westwood (which Olivia Wilde wore recently) so iv been trying to find some decent 'slightly lower costing' high street ones. American Apparel seems to be fairly good for backless dresses, even though admittedly they are mostly bodycon, they dont seem to have the tacky feel to most of the others iv seen. Though I would recommend getting the smallest size you can if your short, and American Apparel always comes up long. 

This dress if from the ASOS marketplace £180

ASOS £195

American Apparel £42 (next purchase) 

American Apparel £46

ASOS marketplace £39.00

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  1. I love backless dresses, too! I'm not a huge fan of how my back looks, though, so that stops me from wearing them a little bit. Haha.