Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sunshine is Distracting!

So sorry for not posting for a few weeks, iv been really busy/lazy, and since the sun came out i just cant bare to sit inside and write. If I had a better laptop then id go outside, but the fact is with mine, id be embarrassed and the battery wouldn't last past the first word!
Iv been to paris in my absence though, so ill post some ordinary tourist photos for you to have a look at. It was beautiful, even if it was icy cold. I think I also need to find a new bikini as the one I brought to uni with me is so small it squashes my chest, so much that it resembles a small boy. Which then got me thinking what people ( mainly woman) put up with to wear something they like. So there will soon be a great post on foot surgery.... bet you cant wait.

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