Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cowboys and Indians.

Since Lady GaGa brought back headwear with literally anything and everything in them, I feel like we should give headbands, or any kind of head 'stuff' another go. Last summer I fell in love with Urban Outfitters Indian headdresses. Unfortunately, they didn't seem like the kind of thing you'd wear on an every day basis, and they were quite pricey. So when me and my friends were invited to go out as Indians I forced them to make headdresses with me. They are so cool. Thats my honest opinion.
And you dont even need a lot to make it. All we used, were feathers (which my friend had plucked out of some poor bird) some ribbon and sticky tape or needle and thread (depending on how long you want to take and how good your stitching skills are, I chose to stitch and it looks a tad messy...) You can use literally any colours you want I guess, the only issue with mine is that the band is not quite as pretty as those in U.O. Heres mine, and some from Urban Outfitters...



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