Sunday, 22 April 2012

Shiney Pants.

I thought it only appropriate to write about the 'Disco Pant' that American Apparel has made so famous. Recently iv been seeing nearly every other girl in the 'Disco Pant'. This isnt a bad thing, I think they are great, but maybe a bit too over worn now? Anyway, they are the ultimate legging. The thick material means they hold everything in place, and the shinny material can make anyones legs look amazing. Although their downfall for me, is the price. AA is generally a pricy store. However 70 pounds for a pair of trousers? cant quite bring myself to do it. But other stores are doing the whole copy cat thing. Urban outfitters currently have a pair out which are slightly thinner in material, and dont have the zip up front, but everything else about them is exactly the same. Along with Topshop (which holds bloody everything) its easy to get a very similar pair for cheap. But what you wont be getting is the quality, look and an endless selection of colours. Which recently has been made larger! American Apparel is the ultimate candy store for clothes.

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