Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Moving Out.

Ok, so its not really fashion. But it is still relevant. Next month ill be moving out of my uni halls, and into my first real house. Although Iv already been away from home for a year, the fact that I have to pay my own bills is terrifying me! However, the thought of decorating a new room makes it better. My room, like me, is the smallest in the house (saving money)  so I thought the best way to furnish it would be to not furnish it at all...
It might sound silly, but all I really need is a bed, wardrobe, side table and room for my magazines. The one thing im saving room for is a huge vintage mirror. And although I wont have room for any of this cute stuff, iv been oogling Urban Outfitters home wear section for days picking out items. The one piece I may just have to get is the Skull garden. Its so cute and everyone loves a bit of gardening...
All the picture below are of items from Urban Outfitters.

Skull Garden!!-£12

Cushion Cover-£30

Salt and Pepper shakers-£9

Elephant Throw-£30- Another addition to my new room. 

Owl Door Handle-£5

Light Shade-£14

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