Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I keep hovering over the checkout button at Glossybox . But for some reason I never commit. Glossybox allows you to subscribe to their monthly boxes, in which you receive five sample sized products. And at only 10 pounds each, they arnt too pricey. The only catch is, you may not like the products you receive. However, its always good to try new things right? And Glossybox gives you the perfect opportunity. They include big brand products such as Burberry, Clarins and last month they even included Fendi perfume. The main attraction to this would be the nail varnishes which seem to pop up in every box. Seeing as nail varnish isnt something you get through quickly, its pretty good. But they also include perfume, face creams, hair products and they've had fake nails before (no thanks) The upside is that the things you dont enjoy you can give to someone else. But I still dont know whether to subscribe or not?!

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