Sunday, 22 April 2012

Do You Think You Look Cool?

Ok, so at risk of sounding like a douche. I have to say I LOVE 'urban' clothing. Graphic, skater, 'hip-hop' kinda clothing. Mostly because they are oversized it makes them incredibly comfy. But generally, the designs are pretty cool. Unfortunately, it has a bad rep. One that has been created by people just wanting to wear the brands for the sake of it, without knowing what they are, or where they've come from. (and I can judge, because I dont wear them) But on the whole, brands like Obey, Enjoy, supreme have a huge following and so so many people cant be wrong? These brands were designed for their genre and not to make people just look like twats. So please if you dont know what they are, STOP wearing them. Graphics are great for designs and I recently interviewed a guy from my uni (for uni work) about his company 'Spill Your Gutts' which is a graphics based company, which prints onto apparel. May as well check it out. And after watching many 'Dont Flop' videos, I decided to look at their store, which again, is cool. Actually, wait, some of it is unneeded, but the simpler T shirts will their logo on are bliss. Might have to get one for night wear.

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