Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cheap and Cheerful.

A lot of us spend endless amounts of money on clothes. For one outfit mostly. But Iv began to notice that the clothes I wear the most, are the ones with the cheapest price tag. Everyday I tend to mope around in oversized tops, shorts or jeans and a mucky pair of shoes. All of which probably cost less then 30 pounds each. Where as the outfits I choose for nights out etc all come in at a much higher cost. Unfortunately these items never come out of my wardrobe again. So it seems a bit pointless to go to the trouble of finding the perfect dress or whatever else you want to wear, when it's never used again. Surely?   
So iv come to the conclusion that, if I am to spend hundreds of pounds on clothing, there are two rules which the item must meet. Firstly, I must be in love with it.  And secondly, it must be able to be worn on an everyday basis. In short, I think the only clothes that should put me out of pocket are the ones that will see light everyday. Here are some basics that cost the earth. But it'll be worth it. 

Alexander Wang $230

Stella McCartney £730

ACNE £800

ACNE £170


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