Monday, 2 April 2012

The Balletcats.

The Balletcats  are a clothing company created by the Indonesian born Jordan Marzuki. I came across this brand when I was doing my weekly stalk of LOLCats. Yes thats right, it is thee best website I have ever seen. Anyway, one of their posts included a jumper by The Balletcats, and it was irresistible. Unfortunately it was also sold out. When you enter the site, make sure you hover over the picture of the rabbit, But dont get scared! The Balletcats catalogue doesn't hold hundreds of designs, but instead a select few, which to be honest are pretty cool. The designs are clearly hand drawn illustrations and they are mostly of animals (what could be better?). I only wish they didn't have select products which they ship to the U.K. But if you get a chance check them out. They also have a blog! Maybe a Donnie Darko fan? Lot's of rabbits.

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