Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Summer Time.

So I thought after sitting in the sun with the dog, builders and a friend, that I should probably do a post on summer. (not that it is summer, but its bloody hot) I never know what to wear in summer, as im too fond of layers and big jumpers. So i tend to stick to shorts and a t-shirt. Which admittedly gets a bit boring. So iv been searching the shops for some great summer buys. It wasnt as easy as it sounds as lately iv had a bit of shoppers block (like writers block only with clothes) so I have included a few shorts and t-shirts to get me going. DONT FORGET YOUR SUN CREAM GUYS.

Urban Outfitters Levi's £32

Urban Outfitters £40

Urban Outfitters £45

Urban Outfitters top £25

Nasty Gal £116

Nasty Gal £49

Black Milk Clothing $90

American Apparel £44 (I fully intend to have this)

American Apparel short £52

American Apparel oversized t. £21

Topshop £42

Topshop £22

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