Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Shoot for I lOVE FAKE magazine.

For our most recent university project, we were asked to create a shoot that would fit into a magazine of our choice. We chose I Love Fake as it's relatively new and full of youth. Its whole vibe is grunge and simplicity, and seeing as it's mostly a online magazine its popularity is still under wraps. It's defiantly becoming my favourite magazine. Its content focus' on the young and upcoming people in society, the people we need to know about first, and takes a laid back approach to the whole situation. This is something I found whilst doing the shoot, that it's not so simple as I Love Fake makes out. Iv always been a little dubious photography, I mean it is just taking a good photo. Oh no, it is an awful lot more. Amongst the lighting, contrast, the right model, the right pose, the right clothing and simply working the camera... it is very hard. But I think my partner I both pulled it off, obviously down to our beautiful model Agneta. We had to choose a trend that is current for S/S12 and so we went for Pastels (not being my favourite as they are so girly it was even harder to style) But here is the finished product. 

Above from the original magazine.

Our own versions. 

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