Thursday, 22 March 2012

Feathers are Cool.

So recently we've all been getting giddy over feather extensions. There is not that much to say, apart from they're cute, different and the perfect way to 'add' something without changing your hair. You can either make them obvious, or subtle, either way it works. Personally I prefer them in blonde hair (brown hair is always more complicated) but the original creators of these little gems 'Feather Ray'  have hand picked and hand dyed all the feather they sell. So as they come in many different colours there must be something you like! They might be pricey, but seeing as they are hand dyed it's only fair they get credited. But make sure you buy from Feather Ray as with their feathers, you are able to wash and style your hair as usual, and they last for months. Were as others may damage your hair or ruin quickly. Their website also shows you exactly how to put them in properly. They seem perfect for summer and the beach. And they do look cool. My friend Sally has had hers in for around two months now and they are very cute, here are a few pictures of hers, and a few other...

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