Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cover Me in Glitter.

Id say glitter is as girly as I get, and recently I cant seem to get enough of it. It is everywhere, in make-up, nails, clothing, hair?
It is just so shiny! Even when its put through gradually in beading or embellishment it still creates a statement. You cant say you dont know how to use it either, when every other YouTube video is a tutorial, your sure to find something. Even the catwalk has turned this almost childish obsession into something serious. This year, at Fyodor Golan's London Fashion Week show he introduced a model mid way, wearing nothing but emerald green glitter on her torso. Not a look id rock down the high street but you cant say it did not look incredible. And almost every designer used some form of glitter for make-up, especially Ashish who sent his models down the runway wearing every type of glitter possible, including beading and sequins. Here are a few of my favourite glittery things...

London Fashion Week. 

Not available until March 21st.


Christopher Kane, Glitter Graphics. 




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