Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Today's Outfit Was Boring.

Im not doing great at this whole 'what im wearing thing' mostly because im a lazy student who either, doesn't get dressed at all OR throws on the first thing I can find. However I do like this simple look, only because of the top, you cant really tell from the picture as my camera is awful and makes everything look squashed... But its a very thin materiel, I cant remember where its from but its clearly a larger size then I needed and it hangs very nice, the colour is also half way between grey and green ( bit of colour for me! )  so it gives a great messy look. And my jeans are simply Topshop, and of course Converse. Sorry its not exciting guys. I promise ill dress up for you soon! But hopefully its better to have a boring outfit then no outfit? yes?!  

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