Thursday, 2 February 2012

Today Im Wearing...

So today was freezing! And I had to layer up a bit so I chose a vintage jumper that I brought at Leeds Fest two years ago, it's adorable, the label also still has a little boys name in it.
My jeans are simply from Topshop, I dont think theres a need to shed out a huge amount for jeans especially when the high street does them so well, I do however think Topshop's jeans are better then most.
My coat, again is from Topshop, you cant see it but it does have a small leather collar which gives it a little more detail. I like how simple this coat is and its boyfriend style is very popular, it's also surprisingly warm! The colour on the inside lining is really nice, a sort of burnt orange and I know you wont see it everyday, but it just adds a little more luxury?  Finally I have just thrown on an old pair of Converse, my go to shoe, along with Vans their comfy and last for all eternity. I'll admit this is not a very inspiring look but I only went to university today! And its perfect for slobbing.

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