Wednesday, 22 February 2012

It's All Over Folks!

Today officially marks the end of London Fashion Week A/W12... don't worry, It's only 6 months till the next one...

After being extremely busy around this period I was unable to take full advantage of the tickets sent to me, and so only made it to 2 shows. The first being Ashish and the second Aminaka Wilmont, both of which showing at Summerset House. I didn't really know a lot about either of these designers before going into the shows so it was exciting to see their collections and get a taste for their style. Ashish did not disappoint, his collection radiated indian princess meets grunge and it worked perfectly together. I don't usually take huge notice of the fabrics used, im more of an overall picture person but the designs he included such as thiland-ish status and indian gods created great impact to his designs. They were printed onto sequined dresses or big woolly jumpers which also featured strong statement quotes such as 'relax' and 'dude', the contrast of the extravagant sequins and almost mystical prints with the street style of the jumpers really stood out for me and created something fresh.
Ashish also brought indian headdresses  into the equation giving the collection that extra exotic air around it. My favourite piece was a burgundy sequined dress with a paisley print in green and pink, this teemed with rainbow platforefmed Dr Martins, which seemed to be the shoe choice of the show work brilliantly at showing that grunge edge to the designs.
However, Aminaka Wilmont was a huge disappointment for me personally. Wilmont seemed to head towards a minimalist feel for his collection, but I simply took it as dull and boring, none of this collection wowed me, and the few pieces that they had injected colour to seemed to have been made last minute, or so to my eye. Im not usually one that enjoys colour, but it seemed to be the main theme of this years fashion week, and Wilmont didnt seem to connect with the rest of fashion.

All above are from the Ashish show.

All above are from the Wilmont show. 

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