Friday, 3 February 2012

Im So Sparkly

Tonight a few of us are going out in central London to KOKO, hopefully it'll be amazing! 
So I decided to wear this green sparkly dress ( I will let you know, everything im wearing today is from Topshop! ) as its not overly dressy and its girly enough to not make me look like a slob. I must say 'sparkly green' is not the best description, but it's a great dress, not quite 'body con' as it's not as tight as a body con dress, but the general shape is there. It also has these great side panels in black which are immediately slimming. I really love crew necks at the moment and have brought a few similar dresses with a crew neck, im not a huge fan of V necks and I think crew necks, although originally for sweatshirt etc are very classy and an alternative if you do not like buttoning your shirt to the top. The long sleeves are good purely for warmth! 
My favourite leather jacket recently ripped so until im able to get it fixed im having to make do with this jacket. It's still great but it's not as fitting as my other jacket, and the sleeves are far too long! But come on... it's not hard to roll them up is it? 
And finally, im wearing my Ambush boots, they have been a top seller in Topshop since before christmas. They are the perfect casual boot, the heel height means you can wear them all day without getting sore feet but they still look smart enough to wear out at night. I love the little zips on both sides of them too, it stops them from looking too plain. I just hope no one treads on them tonight! 

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