Saturday, 11 February 2012

A few Weeks Ago I Wore...

Right, I know the point of this current posting is 'what I wore today' but today i didn't go out, so heres a look from a few weeks ago, which I never posted. The dress im wearing is from Topshop, and essentially it's a huge T-shirt. I love everything about it as its simple and yet you can throw anything on with it. However you do ned a belt, unless your six feet tall... which im not. Im surprised this dress has lasted to be honest, seeing as each time iv worn it, iv spilled something on it. White is hard! Im also wearing my Ambush boots (again from Topshop, really im just a walking Topshop ad) they have zips on each side which make them a bit different. And the small heel height is great for walking around London! I wont bore you with details of my jacket as i wear it pretty much everyday, and im sure I would have given you the details before. 

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