Monday, 20 February 2012

Fashion Week Makes Me Giddy.

Fashion Week is nearly over and with only two more days to go it seems like this has been the best Fashion Week for years. Unfortunately for me Uni has taken up all my spare time this week and I have not managed to make an appearance yet. Though I hope to change this tomorrow! However once more, I have Uni in the morning and so will miss the David Koma show! Which I was really looking forward to. Hopefully in September my luck will change. I love Fashion Week as it gives everyone a few days to wear the (maybe slightly over the top) clothes they've been hoarding over the season, or maybe the ones they just dear not to wear on a normal day. It also allows you to take notice of the designers that maybe you overlooked before. All in all it is a rush of excitement (and panic) for everyone involved, as you see the new collections and of course all the celebrities... well Ana Wintour.
I only wish I could actually afford all the beautiful clothes, OR just the new Lana Del Rey inspired Mulberry Bag... It is real!
Tomorrow ill give you my highlights of the past week.

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