Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Clemence Poesy

I currently have a new style crush, Clemence Poesy. She's beautiful, talented and french. What could be better? Oh and i forgot to mention she was in Harry Potter... even better!
I read once in a magazine that she doesn't really enjoy fashion nor does she bother about what she wears. I cant decide if I find this not to be true, or a little inspiring. The best styles in fashion are always those made by mistake, and with everyone taking so much time on their appearance these days, that theory seems to have been forgotten. Clemences style seems to be laid back and pretty girly, with an edge of course. Shes often seen wearing blazers with little full circle mini skirts, a look she carries of well. She has an innocence about her that also seems to be reflected in the clothing she wears, all simple pieces. She has a way of pulling of the 'just got out of bed and in a guys shirts' look extremely well and i think this is my favourite look. I cant quite figure out how to describe her overall style, it seems to be a mix of girly, grunge and boho.  

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