Friday, 10 February 2012


SO, apart from the obvious fact I look extremely tired (not easy being a student and doing a blog you know) I am wearing pink! I never wear pink, i thin its the worst ever colour, and it gets no better when men wear it either. And obviously seeing as the biggest trend for Summer/Spring12 is pastel colours, it's not going to be much fun for me. However, I adore this skirt, from Topshop at only £34 pounds, I thought it was great, and even though the colour honestly scared me at first, it goes with a hell of alot. I think you can either go for the totally over the top girly look and make it work, or you have to tone it down, hence why iv thrown on this huge navy jumper, from Marks & Spencers may I add! It's so soft you cant imagine and great for these snowy days. And an added bonus to the maxi skirt is that you can layer up with tights and clumpy shoes and no one will ever know! This was just for a lazy day though, but if I was venturing outside I would put on a coat! Leather? The usual? YES. 
P.S. Im going to central this weekend, and im going to try to pluck up the courage to take photos of street style! As I promised. 
Happy Snow Days. 


  1. Yay, did you still have your beautiful pink and blue nails with this pink skirt?!