Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Today in London.

Today me and a few friends went into central to spend some of our very limited student loan. We stayed mostly around Oxford Street, seeing as the tube was horribly busy for most of the day and I managed to spot a few famous faces. Including, Lilly Melrose from LLYMLRS who was casually strolling through the expensive part of Selfridges.
There was one very obvious style around the streets of London today ( I wish i had taken photos but i forgot my camera, i promise to start taking some though! ) Grunge, my ultimate style crush. And seeing as its winter the look just fits! A lot of people wear wearing big black woolen coats, with boots and tights which is just so hot ( even though i wore a bright pink maxi skirt, the only pink i will ever wear ) There were also some brilliant hats around. As the people waiting to be 'spotted' waited outside Topshop I managed to take a cheeky look at what they were wearing. People had tended to match dark coloured high waisted trousers with boyfriend coats mostly ( it seems to be a running trend right now ) But overall everyone was very London-est as they usually are.
I also managed to find some pretty good bargins in the sales, which I dont usually have time for.
All round good day.

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