Monday, 23 January 2012

Tie Dye

I keep wanting to tie dye a shirt. And seeing as 'pastels' are back in this summer it seems like a fitting summer activity. I love the 90's as expressed in my previous blogs, and this brings me right ack to that era. I do have to admite that tie dye doesnt seem to be coming back into fashion enough for it to be shown on the catwalk. However, with the amount of floral print and mixed colour schemes, im sure you can get away with it. And anyway its fun. Although I dont think I will be using pastel colours and much as the grey iv been wanting to try out for ages. Tie dye gives that amazing boho or hippie feel whilst still remaining laid back. There also loads of different designs you can try out, and it can never go wrong. There really is no reason not to try this. Besides, its almost festival season and making the colours less bright and girly is sure to add a punk rock feel to it. Not only has tie dye popular on our clothes, but obviously everyone nows about 'dip dye' the whole concept has moved to hair and although seeming a bit repetitive as its become popular, its still damn cool.Here's a simple link to get you going: TIE DYE.

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