Monday, 16 January 2012

Lingerie, Its My Favourite Thing.

So lately iv had a huge splurge on lingerie, I do this every few months to make myself fell generally better. Usually ill go and sulk around Topshop to look for a few pretty, lacy bras that are light enough to make me feel braless. Its a great feeling. Topshops great for this as there cheap but not so cheap as to make you look like a hooker.
But after deciding its better to spend more, iv found various other places to buy from. I have a very specific style that I like to buy, and I like the fact no one else will see it. Well a few people will, but you get what i mean. Agent Provocateur  is well know for its sexy bras, pants and suspenders (along with the fact its own my Vivienne Westwoods son) they are pretty luxurious. But even in the 75% off sale that they have at the moment, the prices are still a little steep. But defiantly worth it. Even the uniform staff wear in the store is incredible, job there please?
 I also found a small site called Damaris which is perhaps equally as expensive but slightly more girly.
Without sounding cheesy, every woman NEEDS something like this

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