Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Kooples.

Firstly I apologise for my lack of posts. I went home for the week and forgot to take my laptop with me.
Secondly, I would like to share a fairly short post, but relevant all the same with you. I think The Kooples are slowly becoming my favourite designer brand. The brand is not overly fussy and so there items can be warn casually OR dressed up. I love there simple suits pieces the most and seeing as im  a pretty scruffy dresser this is a change for me. There are a lot of matching suits around the the high street at the moment too, Topshop have even created a whole new section for their suits. However, there's a twist to the usual two piece trouser suit your mum and dad wear to the office. We have been seeing short suits (if that what they can be called?) they look chic, cool and comfy. I recently purchased a navy suit from ASOS (today actually) so i'll let you know how it looks when it comes. But back to The Kooples, I love their whole take on fashion and their laid back approach gives them that extra edge. It was their suits that really got me interested (and the way they incorporate their name with actual couples, who always look amazing! ) my favourite being the burgundy skirt suit in one of the photos below, unfortunately as soon as their sale began in went straight away. The Kooples has a real grunge feel about it, making it fancier pieces easier to wear, I defiantly recommend checking them out, as if you really think about it their prices, for a designer brand, are not bad at all. And, iv not seen any high street store replicate their use of material or colours as of yet.

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