Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Im So Metallic.

I do not usually wear colour, but metallic is growing on me. And im not talking about the metallic that was seen on every kind of bag 5 years ago. I mean a rough, worn metallic that channels the whole shit hot grunge look.I saw a lot of this on the high street yesterday, especially in Topshop and hopefully if my bank balance isn't too badly damaged, ill pick up a few pieces later in the week. ( I also promise to take my camera to stalk a few people ) 
Metallic colours ( its not all silver and gold you know ) have not been seen as the main focus on the catwalk for a long time now, and I cant predict what LFW will hold next month but it seems as though everyone wants them back. As they were all over the red carpet at the Golden Globes the other night with people from Elle Mcpherson to Madonna wearing the shiny stuff. 
My favourite pieces iv spotted though all seem to be pleated midi skirts, I dont think im ready to have it reflect of my face just yet. 

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