Monday, 9 January 2012

I Dont Mind My Clothes.

I would like to think of myself as a little bit grunge. However, I seem to have adopted the habit of 'anything big, dark and baggy goes.' Nothing I own would I say is particularly feminine, and my skinny jeans are about as fitted as it gets. My wardrobe is pretty simple and full of Black, Grey and white. Id try to use colour, but it just doesn't work! and I always revert back to my unoriginal jeans, guy's T-shirt and Leather jacket fail safe. I dont believe the way I dress is the 'best' but it suits me, and we all have our own opinions ( thats what makes fashion so scary ) I tend to search though charity and vintage shops for tops that you cant find on the High street. Dont get me wrong though, places like Topshop are amazing and I wear a lot of there clothes, although it pains me when I see ten people in a row who look the same...
Alexa Chung dress' amazingly well, and whilst still being feminine she manages to keep the rough kinda look. As with Daisy Lowe and Freja Erichsen.

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