Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Dress down girly?

Im not a major fan of girly dresses, bright colour or anything with frills or pattern. Though after my weekly stalk of the Topshop website (which they update each tuesday) Im coming round to the idea of evoking a bit more woman into my wardrobe. A good leather jacket is one of those things you can justify spending a bit more money on. They can work with anything. And thats where they come in with 'Dress down girly' (im so imaginative with names)                          
Usually I would never imagine wearing this dress.
 Mostly because of the butterflies... but I can imagine it with 
a leather jacket and black clumpy boots, looking, 
well, a bit more rock? It also comes in a less 'in your face version.
 Not really my cup of tea. But they could defiantly work.
 I mean, you can always send them back?   

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