Saturday, 21 January 2012

Boyfriend Clothes.

I am sat in my boyfriends boxers and T shirt, and I was thinking about how great 'boyfriend' clothes are. They're baggy, and cool at the same time. Im not sure when this trend started, but you can find a 'boyfriend' jumper, jeans and now coats everywhere on the high street. I t seems to be a trend taken on my those into grunge as they usually come in plain colours. But they are definitely a favourite as I saw them everywhere I went in Central London yesterday, and they dont seem to be going anywhere fast. My personal item are there T shirts, women's T shirts, even when baggy, still have some short of 'fitting' to them (and as I think we know by now, I dont like that) where as guys T shirts are so plain you can do whatever you like to them. Go D.I.Y and cut them up if you wish.
Here are some photos of a few cool pieces.

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